Connecting our Community

Bringing People Together in Town

Urban centres are about people. Bringing people together and creating space for them to enjoy. The way people use space and what people want from a town centre has changed, and will continue to change. We need to keep up.


Masterton District Council is embarking on a rejuvenation of our town centre. We need to make sure it attracts people – both Masterton residents and visitors – and delivers what they want from a shared space.

On this site you’ll find the background, plans and latest developments of both the Civic Centre and Town Centre Revamp projects.

We’ve had lots of conversations with the community since the Town Hall building was closed in June 2016, and we’re now developing plans for a multi-purpose community facility in Masterton that helps deliver our goal of the district providing the best of rural, provincial living.

This year we’ve been working through what benefits we want the facility to provide for Masterton.  We’ve also refined what sort of spaces need to be in the facility to achieve those benefits.

Councillors also voted to proceed with the rejuvenation of lower Queen Street, construction will kick off in 2021.