Civic Centre



We asked the Masterton community for its thoughts on what we should do with the town hall. We presented three key options:

  1. Build a new facility

  2. Strengthen the existing building

  3. Not replace the town hall.

The majority (59%) of people that responded told us they supported our preferred option of constructing a new building and the $15.5 million capital investment. More than one quarter (27%) said they would prefer to see Council strengthen the existing building.

Preferred option for building a new performing arts and event centre

As a result of the consultation Masterton District Council decided:

“to proceed with building a new civic centre. Future work will be undertaken regarding what this will look like and the location. This will include considering options on the current site and options to retain the existing façade with the replacement of the current town hall. Further consultation will be undertaken on the final proposal.”


In late 2017 we went out to the community to get initial thoughts on options for the town hall.

Feedback from consultation – 2017

We received 220 responses and almost two thirds (65%) preferred the option to build a new facility, over strengthening the existing town hall building.