Civic Centre Development

A Shared Facility for Masterton

Masterton’s combined town hall and district building was closed in June 2016 due to having an earthquake rating below the required standard.

In 2017 we asked you for options for the town hall – two thirds of those that responded indicated they would prefer to see a new centre built.

We asked for your feedback again in early 2018 and proposed three options:

  1. Build a new facility
  2. Strengthen the existing building
  3. Not replace the town hall.

Check out our FAQ page to get more detail on the Civic Centre development project.

The majority of those that responded during our Long-Term Plan consultation said they wanted to see the town hall replaced. As a result of the consultation Masterton District Council decided:

“to proceed with building a new civic centre. Future work will be undertaken regarding what this will look like and the location. This will include considering options on the current site and options to retain the existing façade with the replacement of the current town hall. Further consultation will be undertaken on the final proposal.” 

Check out our FAQ page to get more detail on the Civic Centre development project.

The term civic centre simply means a large public building or complex for meetings, sports or entertainment. We want our community to have facilities they enjoy – places that bring people from across our diverse community together. In this current round of engagement and consultation we want to find out what our residents consider ‘must-haves’ in a new shared facility, whether that be a library, cafe, performance space or meeting rooms.

Check out our FAQ page to get more detail on the Civic Centre development project.

Since then, the Masterton District Council has been considering whether or not to invest in a shared space for the community. For example, a Town Hall or multi-purpose facility. It is one of the biggest decisions this Council will make.

We want to make sure we’ve got the best information possible to decide what’s next. While we’ve asked the community for its thoughts previously, we have some more questions.

Over the 2019-20 summer, we’re asking Masterton what the must-haves are for a shared community facility, and whether people are willing to pay for such a facility. We’re also keen to properly understand what people think of the current façade, and how important it is to keep it.

There are lots of different ways you can tell us what you think. Check them all out below and decide what works best for you and your whanau.

We recommend that you read the FAQs on this site and download our Town Hall Factsheet (PDF, 2MB) for more background about the project while you’re deciding how you feel about the future of a shared community space.

Share your thoughts with us

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We’ll have pop ups at the following events over Summer, so stop for a chat:

  • Christmas Parade & Christmas on Queen
  • Free Swim Day & Outdoor Movie Screening – 14th December
  • Castlepoint Fishing Competition – 10th January
  • NZ Cycle Classic – 15th & 19th January
  • Waifest – 6th February

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Come along to our ‘Open House’ session, 16th January 4-7pm at 161 Queen Street.

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