Civic Facility FAQs

Your questions answered

The term civic centre simply means a large public building or complex for meetings, sports or entertainment. We see it as a shared space, owned by the community, which brings people together.

Large publicly owned buildings give communities the opportunity to come together for events, celebrations or commemorations. It could be a concert, a local market or a sports game. Being able to bring different parts of our community together is important for our societal wellbeing.

Aside from the social benefits, members of the Masterton community also told us they were keen to see a new building developed when Masterton’s town hall and district building were closed in 2016.

We’ll decide what to do with the old Town Hall and municipal buildings in the future, once we’ve done some detailed planning around Masterton’s layout and identified land or buildings needed to support our future. We’re planning for the next 50 years, we want to get it right.

The site of the current Town Hall might have been the best location in 1915, but it’s not anymore because it’s not well connected to our Town Centre and getting people safely across SH2 is a challenge, the site is limited in size which means that we aren’t able to build what we need for our future generations, and it doesn’t utilise some of the great things that make Masterton special like QEII Park and the Waipoua river.