Design process underway

We’re excited to have received the ‘first cut’ of designs for the rejuvenation of Bruce, Park and Queen Streets.

Known as ‘concept designs’, these are far from the final plans of what we want to do. Rather, they’re the first look at how the use of the street space might change.

We’ve been chatting to business operators and building owners in these areas to go over the designs in more detail and gather feedback. From here, it’s an iterative process to refine the designs in collaboration with our town centre community to ensure we get a great outcome for everyone.

If you are a stakeholder in the immediate area of Park, Bruce or Queen Streets and haven’t heard from us, please email us on

Once we have worked with our town centre community to refine designs a decision will be made on permanent designs with feedback from the community in mind. We are expecting this to happen in the first half of 2019.

The general themes that we’re looking at include greater public space with shared pedestrian/cycle areas, increased planting and trees and ‘active’ spaces to engage our community – all elements based on objectives in the Town Centre Strategy.

Below explains where we are at in the design phase of the project.