QUICK FIVE: Your questions answered

We’ve been getting a lot of interest in the parklet on Queen Street and the pedestrianised space in Park Street. Here are some quick answers to five questions/comments.

It’s too piecemeal, we need something coordinated

We totally agree! Last year Masterton District Council adopted a strategy to inject life into the town centre. But, these things don’t happen overnight and we don’t want to invest ratepayer money on permanent changes until we have tested some ideas. All the feedback on these temporary initiatives is being fed into the design of permanent changes which will, of course, be coordinated and in line with the strategy. You can have your say on what you like or don’t like here.

The choice of Park Street is absolutely ridiculous
Park Street isn’t exactly the busiest or prettiest street in Masterton. But it has a unique feature; it is a key route linking pedestrians from Queen Elizabeth Park to the town centre. It was chosen as a key focal point in the Town Centre Strategy because of this reason – Bruce Street is the other one that will get some attention.

It’s hurting local businesses

With any change there will be some teething issues – we’re working hard with local business owners to understand any pain points and find solutions. Such as making sure customers know they can access their stores through different entry points. It’s important to remember that we are still in the testing phase of this project – the whole point is to learn what might or might not work.

You’re removing carparks and not replacing them

It’s true, these initiatives are slightly reducing the number of carparks in the town centre. But, did you know there are 16 different carparks (as in locations to park, not single parks for just one car) around the town centre that are all free? We have a map pointing these out here.

Why doesn’t Council focus on at least having flowers in the garden beds and a pool open over summer?

We agree, there are other things that need attention as well. We made a strategic decision not to plant flowers this summer to avoid wasting ratepayer funds but watch this space, we’ve got an opportunity coming up for you to have your say about our town’s entrances.
As for a pool, we’re excited that our 50-year pool is getting an upgrade. Unfortunately, the work needs to be done over summer. The good news is you can use Lakeview School’s pool for free between 1-5pm during January.

We’ve also had some very positive feedback – please keep all feedback coming in. As mentioned above the point of this part of the Town Centre Revamp project is to learn. Give us a call with any comments (positive feedback also welcomed!) on 06 370 6300.