Masterton Rejuvenation

Injecting more life and vibrancy

In 2018 Masterton District Council committed to investing $3.63 million to inject more life and vibrancy into our town centre.

Our plans are underpinned by the Town Centre Strategy – this sets the results we want to see from investment in the town centre.

The developments we have planned for Masterton will change our town in a way that hasn’t been seen since the 1950s. We need to make sure the revamp will deliver what future generations expect.

Over the next ten years, we are planning to complete key parts of our vision to make Masterton a modern town. That includes revamping all three sections of Queen Street and Charlie’s Lane as well as bringing the ‘park’ (more green space) into Park and Bruce Streets and developing the Waipoua River precinct to create an exciting and lively hub for our community.

We plan to improve the entrances to Masterton too. These create a first impression for our visitors and greet our whanau when they return home. We want our ‘welcome’ to be inviting, and to reflect us by promoting what we love about our town.

The work is set out in our 2021-31 Long-Term Plan and is one of the key consultation topics for April 2021.

Check out our FAQ page to get more detail on the Masterton Revamp project

The Masterton Town Centre Strategy was adopted by Council in August 2018.  This followed extensive community engagement through 2015-17, and formal consultation as part of the 2018-28 Long-Term Plan (LTP) consultation process.

We want to bring residents, and those that are visiting, into the Town Centre and create spaces that facilitate community connection.

A vibrant and interesting Town Centre that attracts people helps build:

  • Community connection and satisfaction
  • Tourism appeal
  • Foot traffic through town
  • Retail spending in our Town Centre businesses
  • Investor’s confidence around investing in our Town Centre.

The work on Masterton’s entrances came later in 2019 after a survey with the community. The results of the survey showed the need for council to invest in the Town’s welcome points and the objectives of the work reflect many of the Town Centre objectives:

  • Showcase the three river crossings and Masterton’s connection to the water
  • Define the town thresholds and emphasise them
  • Be mindful of creating a safer environment for pedestrians and cyclists
  • Make town entrance routes greener
  • Reflect Masterton’s identity and enhance buildings of cultural or municipal importance

The full Town Centre Strategy is available here.

Check out our FAQ page to get more detail on the Masterton rejuvenation project.

We’re looking for a passionate group of locals to help us revamp the centre of Masterton and the welcome we give to people arriving by road.

Many of the planned developments are set out in the Town Centre Strategy adopted in 2018, and together they are the biggest changes the town has seen for a generation.

Over the next 10 years we are planning to complete key parts of our vision to make Masterton a modern town – that includes revamping three sections of Queen Street, Charlie’s Lane, and bringing more green space into Park and Bruce Streets. We also want to develop Dixon Street and create a Waipoua River precinct.

We need to make sure that what we do will make Masterton a place our tamariki and mokopuna are proud of.

We expect the Masterton Revamp Community Reference Group will have 8-10 members, reflecting a broad range of interests and perspectives, and ensuring the different needs of our diverse community are well represented.

To register for consideration to be part of the group, please complete the registration form or for more information, email:

We want to see:

Better integration of the Waipoua River into our town centre

Better connection between our key assets, such as the Railway Station

More of a centralised hub for retail and cafes, to avoid our centre spreading out

More natural landscapes and plantings throughout the town centre.